Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a year has taught me.

1. Yesterday doesnt matter. Move on, there are more important things, there's a tomorrow.

2. Yeah, I know life is scary. But nothing in life is ever going to be easy or fair wherever you go.

3. Per forza, Prova!! Put effort into everything, just try! cuz slacking off isnt gonna do you anything, you aren't gonna get anywhere if you dont try.

4. Dont be judgmental people, or prejudiced against races. (i never was though, just saying) Because we are all people living in the same world. We're all just human beings. We think the same, we have opinions, secrets, fears etc. (Now i have best friends from all over the world)

5. Independence. Look out. Watch out for yourself. Figure out stuff on your own. Youre all on your own out in that big world.

6. Enjoy yourself. I notice italians relax a lot and live for pleasure. they really enjoy themselves in pretty much everything they do. Chill.

7. Take chances and Make Risks. This year I overcame a fear of mine. Swimming in bodies of water(other than pools) I dont know, i think I've always been scared knowing that in lakes or seas theres things living, or that i cant sea the bottom. But being here in Italy, I forced myself to go swimming in every body of water there is. heck, i go in the fountains even though its illegal here xD Anyways I go swimming in every lake, and even the sea. I force myself, telling myself, "Rachael, you have to do this. You're in friggin Italy. Get in that water. When's the next time youre gonna get this opportunity? or how cool is it to swim in this famous lake, this famous sea?(mediteranean)" So i jump. literally, Last week I jumped off a cliff in liguria into the mediteranean sea :) My best friend pushed me to do it. And she pushed me into swimming out way far off the coast, or the part where im comfortable(i feel vulnerable like something can eat me if im too far out) so that we could see the view of the mountain range and the waters and the whole beach. IT was amazing. She seriously made me realize that i have to live my life. and Do everything i can, when i have the opportunites, or basically in general, to not have fear, dont fear life and dont be afraid to go for it. I then realized that it doesnt just matter that im in italy. It doesnt matter where i am, i still have to push myself to overcome my fears, i still have to push myself to do things everday. Live your life. seriously! dont just say it cuz it's a cool saying. But go out and do it! Enjoy yourself, and make memories, do crazy stuff, and overcome your fears.

This year made me force myself to try new things, telling myself everytime, it's just because im in italy. But really, even when i go back home, I'm going to continue trying new things. It doesnt matter where you are. try new things. dont be scared. make memories.

Before I didnt want to go home. But by now I'm ready. I think I've accepted it. Like it's time, and I'm ready to get back to my bed, my family, my car, my city, my life. But I'm definitly coming back here. I'm so in love with Italy, but i realized it isnt my home, it isnt my real life here. it was kind of like a fantasy and that's why i didnt want to leave. But i know i have my family here, and friends, and some of the hardest times here, but also the best. I've had some pretty good times here and created good memories. But it's time to go home, and now I'm ok with that. Maybe I'll come back for university or something :)

P.S. This is for Lauren, She taught me "Carpe diem", and she is the best friend who I envy because she is never scared of anything, and pushes me to go for things and to overcome my fears. I'm so grateful and lucky to have her as a friend and to have met her here in Italy. I have my best memories with you and I'm gonna miss you so much

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  1. non so come funziona bene questa cosa :P (sono ignorante lo sò :P) ma devo dirti che mi è piaciuto un sacco,,e sono contenta di che sei riuscita a superare questa tua paura :D grazie x la giornata dell'altro giorno,,un bacione bellaa :)

    melisa :) dall'argentina ;)