Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ok so January first, and new years eve :)
my host family went to the mountains(Oulz, near Bardonecchia, famous for skiing) and i went to Novara with my aussie friend and we went around in the city, to a bar with friends and then later to a disco. New years day i headed over to Oulz on my own by train, and we ended up being there for about a week. I only skiied one day, the rest of the time i chilled with my columbian host sister. She cant ski, so we hung out together, some days went to the bar, some days just sat around, one day we went to torino and shopped around which is always really fun

Out and about with Maria

Nel Castello

Il Castello

Torino really is a beautiful city :)

Then we got back and we had school January 10th. School is awlays boring. I dont know, nothing really excited. This month I've been in the family changing process. We had an afs meeting where intercultura from my local chapter(novara) came to my house and talked to me and my family, to see how things were going. I dont know there were just a lot of little problems, and their lestyle with children was difficult for me. And they were busy with their own lives and work and the kids, I didnt really feel like i was living a full experience. I knew there were kids before coming, but i didnt think it would be so difficult for me. i dont know, i guess i just discovered im not a kid person. and there were a lot of other things, but yeah, just wasnt working sooo..

I've JUST changed families this last saturday. Saturday morning my host family helped me pack and load my stuff into the car(which by the way was like more than twice the amount of things i came here with.. but also because my uncle from germany ships me lots of presents and stuff. and of course the amazing shopping in europe xD ) my family was really nice about it. They want to keep in touch, i think they understood why i changed and they bjust want me to have a good experience.

With this new family, I dont live in a forest, I have two older host sisters studying university in milan who come home on the weekends(ages 19 and 22) and the nicest host parents :)
Here i have my own room, and my own bathroom, and the bed is friggin big too! like here in italy, even if you are 22 and go to university and live at home, you have a twin size bed. its so weird to me... I'm not sure about other cultures but to america, yeah im pretty sure all of america would find that strange

I dont know, so far things are going really really well. I just realized i hadnt updated in awhile. but like half of the month up until the 10th i was away in the mountains. then after that i was in the family changing process. But now, this week is my birthday! woooo haha

I'll keep ya updated
xoxo Rach